The Great Tablet / Dashboard Survey of 2019

As I stated in a post yesterday on reddit:

I’m taking a survey of how people have their dashboards / wall mounted tablets set up.

If you have a tablet / dashboard set up for home automation (HASS or otherwise) please take a few minutes to fill out this survey? It’ll help the rest of us figure out what deals to jump on when Black Friday / Cyber Monday arrives!

I intend to collect and post all information by November 18th so that it gives us a bit of time to plan.



Hi everyone - I wanted to share the results of the tablet survey I posted a week or two ago. Hope this helps with the upcoming black friday sales.


This is the greatest thing ever. Full of tons of useful information! Thank you for this!!

I wonder how things will change over the next couple of years. You should definitely do this again!

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anyone using a raspberry pi 2 with an LCD? I read about using cromium kiosk mode on RPi but wander if it’s usable at all.

I’m using a RPi3 with the official touch screen and yes, chromium in kiosk mode.

I have created an html page with html tabs to display/control

  1. HA
  2. Squeezeplayer
  3. some other tabs as test
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Is it reliable and responsive?

Yes, just the same as a 2019 Lenovo Tablet with Android 9.
The only problem I had in the beginning was that Chromium became sluggish after some time.
I solved this by restarting Chromium every night.

I did already own a newly bought RPi with official 7" touch screen which is used as a dedicated mediplayer so I liked the idea of easy to get hardware which runs something that is more futureproof & open then Android dedicated devices.

This 2nd one I bought 2nd hand at a good price.
In the beginning I did manage to get the onscreen keyboard working - that was before running Chromium in Kiosk mode - but the keyboard was covering to much of the screen which was not convenient.
So now I don’t use it to input anything, just as a HA dashboard and to control my mediaplayer.

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Thank you! Will buy an LCD to try out.