The heatpumpir platform doesn't work

I can see the transmitter LEDs blinking when the command is transmitted, but the AC is not responding to the commands.
My yaml config:

  - platform: heatpumpir 
    protocol: greeyac
    name: "AC"
    horizontal_default: middle
    vertical_default: auto
    max_temperature: 30
    min_temperature: 16
    sensor: current_temperature

I also tried the gree platform with this config:

- platform: gree
  name: "AC"
  sensor: current_temperature
  model: yac

In this case the config works, but resets the WiFi settings of the air conditioner.

Quite bold title…

My bad. Incorrect protocol, heatpumpir works with greeyan but also disables the AC WiFi module.

did you try all four protocols?

Well, yes. The protocols either don’t work at all or disable the wifi module if they do.

Quite weird from Gree to have a function to disable wifi-module with IR-signals…