The Home connect email that came yesterday

I got my mail in german and I have managed to understand that I need to accept some new terms or they will remove my account.
But I can’t find/understand where to accept the terms.
Has anyone found this?

I am in the UK and not received anything. I looked in the app notification. Nothing. So suspicious of emails

This is what I got

I don’t understand this part:

If you do not agree to the new terms of use, your contract of use will end when the change takes effect. Please follow the instructions in the Help & Support area on the Home Connect website to delete your Home Connect account.

If I don’t agree then my contract will end. OK got it.
Please follow the instructions to delete your account??? Huh???

It means that you are supposed to silently accept the new terms. If you don’t accept them, you have to delete your account. So not deleting your account means you agree to the new terms.

How could I not see that…
Ok thanks!