The Miss You Machine

Here’s something a bit sappy. My four-year old son has a best friend who is moving away. He’s sad and she is sad about it, so I wanted to do something about it.

I built two ESP8266’s with a matrix LED screen, that connects to Wifi and CloudMQTT. Whenever one of them pushes a button on their device, a little heart lights up on the other one’s screen for about 5 seconds. According to my son, that means he misses her. (hence, miss you machine).

In our end we connected it through Home Assistant and it has a little sound and a light come on whenever she pushes the button, just so he can run into his room and push the button back. Saying he misses her too. It’s really quite sweet.

Nothing too fancy, but it does something good.


Very nice))

That’s awesome!!! You rock!

Ka pai tō mahi

that’s very nice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

you should post the code and build instructions.


Fantasic execution! What display interface are you using?

Thank you : )

Those are Wemos 8266’s with matrix shields 8x8

I will do that : )

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That is so nice!

Wow! So inspiring, you use your powers for goodness.

That’s so sweet of you. Your project reminded me of something I’m currently setting up for my little niece who lives far away but always wants to talk to me. It’s called talkiepi and it’s basically a modern walky-talkie using a mumble server. Maybe you build two of them for your son and his friend so they just have to press a button and can talk to each other. It works really well and it consists only of off-the-shelf components:


using wifimanager to connect to wifi?

Yes, WiFiManager is super helpful when you can’t be there to connect it yourself, works great

Wow! I am just starting experimenting with ESP8266 and examples like this are the best way to encourage people into understanding possiblilies beyond just turning table lamps on and off… Thank you for sharing.

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

hi! can you post the configuration or do a tutorial for replicate this project? thanks

or maybe I can contact you in private in other platforms or via mail

It’s so nice, awesome! :heart_eyes:

That’s cute! :+1: