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Hi all,
on my first floor the old Daikin has died (after only 8 years!) and it’ll be cheaper to buy a new one.
I could easily control it with the external wifi controller I added but now it seems new models are a PITA due to the new cloud API (I have one on my ground floor and I haven’t connected it to HA yet).

So, I’m looking for a new Air Conditioner and I’d like it to be easily manageable by HA but I can’t find any.
Is there any brand&model that HA can control fully via TCP/IP, avoiding IR tricks?

You can still fit the BRP072A42 controllers to most Daikin ACs for local control.

The BRP15B61 still works locally too (ducted only I think).

So I can wire a BRP072A42 to my new Daikin and turn off its embedded wifi module? Cool.
For my older one, I’ve been using a BRP069B43, don’t remember why, I remember this was the only compatible wifi controller.

But is “Daikin + external controller” the only 100% working out of the box solution?
Any other brand?

I think there’s a pretty good Mitsubishi core integration, but it is cloud based.

Also check with your dealer that the BRP072A42 is compatible. Cora & Alira systems require an extra cable.


Thank you!
I’m not against cloud on principle (got a cloud based heating system), even though on MELCloud website I can’t find any info about open API or app tokens so maybe they could close access from third party at any time, this could really be a possibility.

I have equipped my Mitsubishi AC units with KNX modules instead of wifi/MelCloud ones. Full local control, no API to be closed by the vendor and possibility to control 99% of features (there is one I think that is not exposed to KNX, but minor). The downside is that I had to buy KNX-IP gateway and KNX power supply + it has to be connected with KNX bus cable.

Take a look here:

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walgreenslistens Wrote:

Samsung’s range reduces drafts / hot spots and maximise airflow to increase comfort. Of the two, Daikin provides the slightly cheaper option. Overall, we rated both Daikin’s VRV system and Samsung’s range at 4 out of 5.

Does the Samsung integrate well into home assistant though?

It looks like it depends on a third party integration that hasn’t been updated for two years and has multiple outstanding issues.