The Need for a Home Assistant App: Making Smart Homes Accessible to All

Hey fellow smart home enthusiasts,

I wanted to start a discussion about something I believe is crucial in the world of home automation: the need for a user-friendly Home Assistant app that can truly democratize smart home control. We’ve seen various companies introduce their own apps and ecosystems, but I think it’s time for Home Assistant to step up and fill the void.

Here’s why I believe this is so important:

1. Centralized Control: Home Assistant has been a game-changer for many of us by centralizing control over our smart devices. However, setting it up and using it efficiently can be daunting for newcomers. An intuitive app could simplify this process and make it accessible to a wider audience.

2. Accessibility: Not everyone has the technical expertise to configure and maintain a Home Assistant dashboard on a Raspberry Pi or server. A well-designed app would allow people of all technical backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of a smart home.

3. Interoperability: Home Assistant excels at bridging the gap between different smart devices and ecosystems. An app that streamlines this process would be a dream for users who have devices from various manufacturers.

4. User-Friendly Interface: Let’s face it, Home Assistant’s current interface can be intimidating. A mobile app with a sleek and user-friendly design could make it much more approachable.

5. Voice Integration: Many smart home users love voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. An official Home Assistant app could seamlessly integrate with these platforms, enhancing the voice control experience.

6. Wider Adoption: As Home Assistant becomes more accessible, we could see a surge in its adoption. This means a larger community of users, more third-party integrations, and faster development.

7. Data Privacy: An official app could prioritize user data privacy, ensuring that personal information is not unnecessarily shared with third parties.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that it’s time for Home Assistant to create an app for the masses? How do you envision such an app, and what features would you like to see? Let’s discuss how we can make smart homes accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

There are apps for ios and android. They simply use the web interface.

What more are you actually suggesting? All that you mention is presently available.

An APP is just short for APPlication. A web interface works.

Can’t work out what else you are suggesting?


+1 on @nickrout comments, all things you request are already there and mobile app is very easy to setup and nothing prevents you to develop your own app if you want that interface with HA API :wink:


I think request is about simplification of experience, by automatically exposing entities and relevant controls, without the need to build the custom dashboard. This way novice could have access to all functionalities of home control, just after installing the app. I’d assume that in such scenario admin level user would need anyhow to configure integrations, create automations etc… Simplified app would just expose this to not experienced user.
BUT it is probably easier to say, than to implement. Without experienced user who can initially setup HA, such application does not make sense (unless dealing with very basic setup). On the other hand, if there is already admin user… why not ask him to create simpified dashboards and configure HA companion app to just use these…
So, bottom line I agree with @nickrout!