The New "Category" and how to use

OK, so I thought I would “categorize” all my automations … works perfect (unless you use Remote Home Assistant which is another issue altogether).

I finished that, added all these beautiful new categories for my Automations.

Then I went to my scripts and I naturally thought I could select a script and could add a category from all those beautiful ones I just entered. And BOOM, there are none there.

So am I to understand that categories only apply to what they are created in? As in an Automation category is not a script category?

Or did I do something wrong?

In automations:

Move to script to assign a category and:


Implies to me I need to recreate all those categories again (or in other words … an automation category is not a script category). … And just to be sure, I did restart Home Assistant. SO I am lost at what a “category” is as it does not apply across things only within things.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. The categories are unique to the page/dashboard table they are created on.

Categories are designed to be paired with the item grouping feature to group things visually in each table in Home Assistant. So there will be unique categories for Automations, Scripts, Devices, Entities, Scenes, etc.

Labels, on the other hand, can be used across multiple entity domains as well as areas and devices.

OK. I kinda get it. But not.
I can “catergorize” things and I see where to “label” things.

But when I view my automations, I can group them by “category” and not “label”.
And if I create labels, I can use them anywhere?
I haven’t tried yet because I am still struggling with the value.

In the dashboard tables you can filter by label:

You can target by label in service calls:

Labels can be used in templating:


Got it.

You can Filter by labels which apply across everything.
You can Group by categories.

Yeah, me too. I’ve played around a little but setting up categories and labels is not the top of my project list… more like something to do here and there when I’ve got a few minutes spare, but I don’t want to actually have to think too much.

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