The new configurator gives me a 404?

When I try to save something to the home automation, i get a 404, http://hassbian.local:8123/api/config/automation/config/1496087113456 404 (Not Found). I have named the file automations.yaml and included it in my configuration.yaml file. the chmod of automations.yaml is -rwxrwxrwx. I can see my automations, but when I click on them I get another 404, http://hassbian.local:8123/api/config/automation/config/playP3 404 (Not Found), also the automations work as expected.

Did I do something bad? I’m new to this community so i’m not really sure how to behave :slight_smile:

All good. We just want to keep things together. This saves resources as now are the chances smaller that two different people try to solve the problem.

allright! I really like this product and community, nice people, nice product :smiley:

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