The nightmare of Fully Kiosk Browser (White screen)

When this works, it works great… But when it fails, its a NIGHTMARE!
I seem to be failure mode with 2 of my 3 tablets. I just get a white screen.
I have set static IP’s, and have the DNS set to a “Adguard home” with a redirect for my HA web address to the ip address of the Home Assistant.
Today, with no changes I am aware of, one of my tablets is showing a white screen.
Doesn’t matter if I go to the numerical IP address, or the web address. If I go directly to a lovelace address, or to the main HA address without any /lovelace after it. White screen. According to the web admin, it is being redirected to login page, but that doesn’t appear. Nothing. White screen.
Anyone have any resolution to this nightmare?

Do you get the same thing if you try another browser?

Not clear whether you’re using the HA integration or the Fully Kiosk app - whichever it is, you might try the other to see what happens. I’ve never had anything like you describe using the app.

Another browser works fine.

So, I ma using the integration, it says the one that I am working on now setup has failed. However I wasn’t sure the integration was needed for anything but “extras.” That is basically just showed a webpage.
I have considered the fully kiosk single app, however that still shows navigation bars that (I don’t think) are hidable.
I likey should have added however that this is running on a Amazon Fire tablet, as I know they can be problematic at times.
I have gotten a bit of progression however. I now am getting the HA logo beside the words “Home assistant” Below that is “Initializing…”
I have heard suggestions that the link that is generated to the login page is just too long. Its like 355 chars. And it can’t handle links over 256… Any suggestions there?

Hi, I’m using a very old Samsung SM-T560 and this white page problem has been giving me a lot of trouble. And finally I found my solution by switching the “Graphics Acceleration Mode” option under “Advanced Web Settings” to “Software” and the problem is over. Give it a try if you want. I don’t have any problems with screen transitions or Screensaver.