The order of entities in a group isn't maintained

When you define a group in your config, the order in which you define them is kept in the UI of the website, but in the app these don’t have the same order.

Currently the sort works off the order key if it exists. Keep in mind though that we are currently filtering out the all_ groups, and those are the first few entries.

I think you misunderstood, I wasn’t talking about the order of the groups, I’m talking about the order of the entities in one group.

I’m having the same problem.
The “sensors” that I have listed as “entities” on a specific “view” aren’t listed in the order that they are listed in that “views” config/yaml.
Is there a way to force display order of:

  1. the entities in a view
  2. the list of “views” at the top of the frontend page

Thank you in advance.

This is not currently a problem with the iOS app, it’s only a problem in the currently disabled native UI.

Sense my issue is with the html client via chrome, perhaps I should post my issue in a different section rather than continuing a thread labeled as IOS?

Yes, please post in the Configuration section