The preparation/onboarding page/process started by no reason

On my already existing HAOS RPI installation the preparation page started by no reason. Yes I was doing stuff like moving it between routers and adding a new connection to it from the phone app, but nothing that I see could have initiated the preparation/onboarding page/process.

Anyone that knows what could start the onboarding process of an already installed system. I will restore my previous install, but right now I’m just trying to understand what I did wrong so that I don’t do the same mistake again

Sounds like some files got corrupted or deleted, see:


Thanks. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete all these files:

  • auth
  • auth_provider.homeassistant
  • onboarding
  • hassio
  • cloud

So there must be some other reason why it started the onboarding process.

The console shows:
Home Assistant Core: Landingpage
Home Assistant URL: http://MyHostName.local:MyOwnDefinePort (I’m using 8124 for this one)
Observer URL: http://MyHostName.local:4357

But the preparation page is only visible on the default port:

And very strange. The Onboarding has now executed more than an hour and nothing happens. Using the Console I’m able to restore a backup.