The switch (Roller shutter) does not work well after connecting to the module

Hi all,

I am currently under HOME ASSISTANT and I am currently facing a difficulty in the automation of my roller shutter with the ZigBee Micromodule for roller shutter MOES (Micromodule ZigBee pour volet roulant -

I manage to control the roller shutter under Home Assistant. However, on the switch, as soon as I raise or lower the shutter and then I jump the stop state to lower or raise, the shutter stops and then the stop state becomes raising or lowering.

Eg: The switch is in the up state, I lower it immediately without stopping in the stop state. The shutter stops (Stop state) and to lower it, I have to return to the stop state.

Also, as soon as I turn off the meter, I lose all the calibration I did. So I have to redefine the values ​​for the ascent and descent (Calibration).

My Switch = Interrupteur de volet roulant Somfy Inis PF 80x80

My Wiring =

Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.