The uptime YAML configuration has been removed.. and now what?

I did an update to the latest version 2022-10- something. And i get a warning!?
First of all why remove a working feature from HA, I do not get that, it is making things needlessly difficult for not HA/Yaml dreaming coders, it works so why remove it, and now it leaves me and maybe others in the dark of what is exactly changed, how will it effect my HA installation what will falls from the sky no longer working and how to fix it and where?

So first of all what is this: The Uptime YAML configuration has been removed X
second: what actions do need to be taken to solve this
Thirdly: what is broken now by removing this?
fourthly: how to replace this with what so things work as they used to do?
fithly: well name a few other complications by this!
sixth: I have no freaking idea what it says or where to find this! here beneath is the text from the error:

Configuring Uptime using YAML has been removed.

Your existing YAML configuration is not used by Home Assistant.

Remove the YAML configuration from your configuration.yaml file and restart Home Assistant to fix this issue.

Thanks, help appreciated

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You should see a new Uptime card at Settings > Devices & Services with the existing sensor. HA shows an entry in the log when YAML configs that are no longer supported are imported into the UI, but I think that only happens on the first startup after an update that removes YAML config.

That being said, I assume you’re seeing that warning in the new Repairs section? If so, IMO it should reiterate that your old YAML config was imported to the UI and is no longer needed.

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I get this warning, but do not have any entries in configuration.yaml (or other yaml files) for uptime.

I do see the new card as described.

A reboot does not clear this warning.

This is feedback only - I’m comfortable to click “Ignore” and move on.

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You need to edit and remove the reference to uptime in your yaml file. Mine was in my command line yaml file. The uptime sensor is now “built-in”.

I am not aware that I ever put in a uptime reference anywhere, so where is it? And it might be in my command line yaml file, but sorry what is that I have neither that?!

I found mine by opening notepad++ and having it search my HA yaml files for the word uptime.

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did the same on my samba share and explorer search, it only came up with esphome uptime entities, but i think hope guess that those are included in the esphome environment and that they have nothing to do with what triggered the warning?

This should have nothing to do with your error. If it is not found maybe open a GitHub issue?

You probably have an entry for uptime in sensor.yaml. You need to remove that.


Did check all my yaml code no uptime references anywhere, so I should be safe may version 12 come, but why the warning?!

same error and i have uptime reference only inside esphome folder too

find . -name "*.yaml"|xargs grep uptime
./esphome/esp32-1.yaml:  - platform: uptime
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I fixed

Did the same, did not find any uptime? So hopefully all is as it should be, and after updating to 2022.10.3 the warning has gone from ignore so… fingers crossed

It’s in with “sensors”. So in mine, the yaml was “sensors.yaml”.