The YAML Editor I use

I use Atom with the YAML linter package.

no more formatting headaches.


I either use nano, vim, or SublimeText3 along with this linter package.

Atom is also great!

@jpenyc Could you possibly share how linter-js-yaml assists with writing yaml files in Atom for HA? Any tips or configuration required?

It will give you a warning if your indentations or coding is incorrect. It pretty much plug n play.
although you will have to make some additions to setting/custom tags to recognize terms

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Thanks for the prompt response, much appreciated. Could you possibly define what the tags do? Do I need to list every *.yaml file I have in my config directory?

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if you are using secrets (!secret), or includes (!include_dir_xxx) the keywords (tags) will give errors. Listing them as Custom Tags tells the linter to ignore them as valid.

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Ah, thank you, that makes total sense. I have tried it and it does indeed bring up a dot when there is a typo, albeit the line below the actual line with the error. Super helpful though.

I imagine it doesn’t realize the error until after it’s read, stopping at the next line.

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