Theater Room Presentation

Once upon a time I had my living room set up as follows Hue TV light strip and hue light bulbs, Chromecast and Netflix:

Anytime after sunset, I would hit the Chromecast button in the Netflix app the lights in the living room would fade out and the light behind the TV would brighten. once the movie was over, the opposite would happen, the lights would turn off behind the TV and lights in the living room brighten. After a reinstall of the OS without a proper backup and a few updates I was never able to recreate this again.

I have a hard time remembering things but what I do remember is I used scenes to create the light sequences for “movie on” and “movie off.” The missing link seems to be how I managed to utilize the Chromecast integration to work with Netflix and to bring it all together from there. It seemed so simple at the time. I am not sure why I’m struggling so hard to recreate. Anyone have a set up like this or something very similar? I curse myself for not having a backup of it every time I think about it.