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I’m excited :grin: to announce the release of Theengs Android mobile application, the application uses Theengs Decoder to read data from BLE devices and display those to your mobile,


you can download it on Google Play (paid app)
Get it on Google Play

To stick with the spirit of OpenMQTTGateway the app can also be used as a gateway to an MQTT broker! So if you have an Android touch screen, you can install the app and configure it to read BLE sensor data and push it to Home Assistant.
Note that if you want to run the integration in the background this is possible as an experimental :test_tube: feature (we need your feedback on this)

More information on the app documentation:

We came a long way :sweat_smile: from removing the decoding of BLE sensors from OpenMQTTGateway, creating a dedicated library, creating a gateway, a Home Assistant Addon a data explorer and now a mobile application!

And you know what, this is not the end, we have plans to release the app for other platforms :muscle:

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Now available for iOS also!

You can download it on App Store (paid app)

Download on the App Store

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New release v1.2 version with an impressive number of new compatible sensors:

  • Hydractiva Digital-Amphiro/Oras
  • April Brother-ABTemp
  • April Brother-N03
  • Oria/Brifit/SigmaWit/SensorPro-TH Sensor
  • Otio/BeeWi-Door & Window sensor
  • Qingping-CGDN1
  • SmartDry-Laundry Sensor
  • Switchbot-Motion Sensor
  • Switchbot-Contact Sensor
  • ThermoPro-TP357
  • ThermoPro-TP358
  • ThermoPro-TP359

The automatic creation of the sensors into Home Assistant through MQTT discovery, no need to manually create your entities and devices, they will appear directly into Configuration->Devices.

You can also Black List devices from the Device browser (click the + icon)

And finally, the application is now compatible with iOS!

Download on the App Store

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: Commits · theengs/app · GitHub

App Store and Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Hello! Thank you for working on this project. I’m trying to use the Android App with Mosquitto. How is one supposed to set up autodiscover with this arrangement?


If you add your homeassistant ip, 1883 as a port, and a username/password you should see connected below:

Once done you can connect to your broker with a client like mqtt explorer to see the data coming.
With 1.2.0 version Home Assistant discovery is enable by default, so if you have compatible devices you should see them below home/TheengsApp with the real time data. And see the sensor definition into homeassistant topic.

If you get to this point, the sensor entities should be automatically created into HA and visible from the MQTT integration or the Settings->Devices page.

Let me know if you need more help.

Thank you for the quick reply! I have all that configured. I can see all my BLE devices in the app and in MQTT explorer. Just as you described.
However, the auto discovery isn’t occurring. Just to be clear, I’m using Mosquitto hosted in HA. I used my HA credentials in Theengs and in MQTT Explorer.
I also made sure to set the discovery prefix to “homeassistant” as per the mosquitto config.

Mosquitto log if that helps. The address is my Android with Theengs. It looks like it times out the connection. Unsure why that is.

In the system option of the MQTT integration do you have this activated:

Yes, that is enabled.

Do you

Do you see also the sensors definition into homeassistant topic ?

New release v1.4.0

:fire: Introducing Live BBQ Monitoring in Theengs App: Grill Like a Pro! :fire:


What’s New:

  • Real-Time Grill Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your food temperature with live updates. Perfect for ensuring your meats are cooked exactly how you like them.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set temperature thresholds and receive notifications when your food hits the right temperature.
  • Versatile Sensor Compatibility: Live BBQ Monitoring works seamlessly with a range of popular sensors, including Govee H5055, Inkbird IBT-2X(S), IBT-4X(S/C), IBT-6X(S), and SOLIS_6.
  • Easy-to-Read Charts: Visualize your food’s temperature over time with our intuitive live charts. Make adjustments on the fly and achieve grilling mastery.

In the meantime, the temperature data can be pushed to HA thanks to the MQTT integration.

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