Theme backgrounds showing in iOS App but not on Android

Hi all,

I got a weired problem:

I installed two themes through HACS (waves and caule). When I select them on my iPad mini, the backgrounds are shown correct. But when I select the theme on mine or my wifes Android phone, no matter if in App or Browser, I don’t see the backgrounds. The paths seems correct to me and as it is showing on iPad they should.

I have another, manually installed theme, for that the background is working on all devices.

Any idea?

I also checked if I can open the path from the theme in the browser and it shows me the image. This is really strange.

Edit: Now also checked on PC Chrome and Firefox. No background. Only on iPad. How can that be?

Okay, I got it solved, if somebody is interested: I had a background: var(–background-image) in the raw yaml of my dashboard, after removing it, the backgrounds are working fine :slight_smile: