Theme not displaying properly


I recently noticed that some of my themes were not applied properly in the main view (overview). I have picked all the themes from this forum without any modification and they used to work fine. Oddly, when I change the theme, it seems to be applied properly in the configuration, developer tools, profile, logbook, etc. pages, but not in the main view (lovelace interface). Refreshing, restarting, clearing cache does not change anything.

For instance, here is a screenshot of my interface with the “slate” theme :

and here is what it should look like : Slate - A New Dark Theme (Updated!), with a dark grey background for tiles and white font.

Another example with summer breeze:

The tiles background is too whitish and the font should be darker for better readability. Here is the page from where I took the theme : Summer breeze

Have there been breaking changes with themes in a recent update of Hassio ? Just for information, I have installed HACS recently.

Have you seen this issue before ?
Thanks for your help!

You can assign a theme or a background to a individual view. Do you have this done for your main view?

Seeing the same thing when switching from my day to night theme or vice versa. The card background colours are not being updated unless the browser is refreshed. Started happening after the 0.97 update.

Opened an issue:

No, I haven’t applied a theme or background to individual views. The theme is applied globally.
I have an automation for my day and night theme (applied globally), and it works fine. The only issue is when I override the automatically applied theme for test purpose or on an other device.

In my case, it happens when I override the theme automatically applied. Unfortunately, a refresh of the page does not help.

How are you doing that?

I have an automation for my day/night themes. But it’s possible to force an other theme in your profile page.

Yeah just wanted to confirm that was what you were doing.

Can confirm I see that behaviour too. I’ll add it to my issue.

Ok, at least I am not the only one with this issue.

Have you received any feedback from the dev team regarding this issue ?

Not a lot:

I did see a problem with the front end mentioned in the developers discord chat.

I have a similar issue, namely that the background color of themes is no longer properly applied since a couple of versions. It just stays white. This only happens when I try to define the theme for a view, not the entire UI.

Anyone else have the same issue? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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I have the same issue. Did someone ever find a solution?

5 years later I am facing this issue as well…
When having “Theme”->“Auto” in my profile settings and switching themes almost everything adapts to that change, but the background on an open dashboard (although the Cards adapt to that change). When refreshing the page the background gets rendered correctly.

Can anyone point to logs or anything how one can investigate this in more detail?

Interestingly enough I discovered that behavior only on “/lovelace/default_view” and not on any other custom dashboard…

Alright… For anyone stumbling over this issue in 2024:
I solved it by switching into the raw editor of the dashboard and removed the “theme: Backend-selected” attribute of the individual views, where I found that behavior.