Theme seems to work but does nothing

I’ve just tried my first, one-line theme. In configuration.yaml I have

  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

and in the folder themes a file erkennbar.yaml with

  state.person.home.color: "#FCBE2D" 

(I first thought the theme was the file name and got errors until I added it inside the file.) In the dashboard I can and have chosen the theme and there are no errors, only the colour in the histories (both card inside the dahboard and page) does not change.
The reason: one in ten men is colour deficient to a larger or lesser degree and I have a strong variant. Switches and binary sensors are fine with their bright yellow against blue-grey. But the home/away of people is more or less indistinguishable.
N.B: Once I’ve got this working I’m sure to come back for more. I’d like to tinker with font size (larger) and line spread (smaller) for better legibility and less scrolling on small screens.



Great. Thank you very much. That did the trick instantly. Now I can see everything at a glance. It doesn’t seem to influence the history page though, just the card. Is that a bug or a feature? Any way to make the page easier to see too?


What do you mean?

As explained above, the standard colours for home and away are just about identical for me. Defeats the purpose of the history graph. I can theme a dashboard but not, it seems, the history page.

That’s my history page, using the theme variables (lightgreen for home and pink for not_home) mentioned above:

Are those the standard colours? They look slightly different from mine, but not much, might be the copying. If you changed them, then how? (Pink, green, grey, it’s all much the same. Blue vs. yellow is the contrast I can see well.) In the dashboard I can load a theme and it works, but for the history page I see no way.

You should define a theme per user, not per view.
Then the whole dashboard will be customized.

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No, it’s my color choice using

state-person-home-color: lightgreen
state-person-not_home-color: pink

And I do, what Ildar mentioned, it’s not per dashboard but global.

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Thank you to both of you. I hadn’t realized that was possible.