Theme with a picture background

Hello ther i,am working on mine lovelace with plants, now i have one room filled with plants is it possible to give this room a specific background with a wallpaper or picture that only show up in this room

with regards Xal

Hello xallias,

This should be achievable if your plant room is a separate lovelace dashboard. I am not aware of a method to do this to a single view within a dashboard, though perhaps others are.

Themes allow you to override any CSS property, including background-image.

If you look at the theme format documentation you will see this:

      primary-color: pink
      text-primary-color: purple
      mdc-theme-primary: plum
      primary-color: steelblue

Two themes are defined, happy and sad. In this example, the sad theme sets the primary-color CSS property to steelblue.

If I were you, I’d try using the same mechanism to set the background-image CSS property, and then apply this theme to just the dashboard that contains your plants view.

Thx iam gonna try this
With regards Xal