Themes for the Forum - Especially a Dark Theme

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Hi, I’m not that familiar with this type of forum, but on some others they have an option where you can choose different themes.

For example on the Raspberry Pi forum I like to use ‘prosilver’.

Is it possible change the theme on this forum somehow? I find it pretty bright and not nice to use at night, and a darker theme would be very nice. :slight_smile:

Until then, the following filters in my adblocker take the edge off the brightness !important) span:style(color:#333 !important) !important) span,a:style(color:#333 !important) !important) .title:style(background:#95a5a6 !important) blockquote:style(background:#95a5a6 !important) !important) !important) !important) !important) !important) a:style(color:#000 !important) span:style(color:#000 !important) !important) !important)

Thanks for sharing, works great on ublock origin. much easier on the eyes. :sunglasses:

Just want to say thanks to the forum admin/monderator for adding the dark theme :slight_smile:

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Funny timing, someone just randomly suggested it on Discord earlier and I was like why not! You’re very welcome!