Theming icons and texts (and others) on cards?


Could anybody help me how to catch in custom theme the default card header icon and header text?

I would like to make a theme where default card header is visually aligned to the custom mini-graph-card visuals (on the screenie the LIVING ROOM to COVID-19) but simply do not know how catch the following elements:

  • ha-card-header-padding (I mean something like that…)
    • Top padding of header need to be smaller.
  • ha-card-header-icon-float (I mean something like that…)
    • With a simply float: right the result would be almost the same as I want (maybe with some padding tweaks)
  • ha-card-header-font-weight (I mean something like that…)
    • It’s need for the same font weight.

This is my first try to make a theme so sorry if it’s a lame question but not yet understanding the class/link structure of the layout elements.

I tried lot of variants but without success:(

(There are lot more questions but after these answers maybe I can solve all my others.)

Thanks for your help in advance!