There are now over 250,000 Active Home Assistant Installations (Home Assistant Analytics)

I think that is worth a celebration cake or something, and its only for those who have opt-in for analytics:

That alone shows Home Assistant adoption has come a long way since 100,000 in November of 2021:

Do you all think Home Assistant adoption will continue to grow at the same rate as it has in the past?

…around 7,000 each month on average or thereabouts, so maybe 500,000 in about 3 years from now?


I sure hope so. My YouTube channel needs more subscribers! :joy::joy::joy:


In my vision of the future, I’d bet on an even faster growth. It’s just a guess, sure, but I think, home automation is something, that will even get more and more attention. The manufacturers invest in smart devices, because they can sell them for more money - plays right into the hand of HA.

I think, there is a “critical mass” where you reach attention in the press, on television, social media. For now, in it’s majority it’s the “techy” corners of all that, but I’m quite sure, the change is already underway. I saw the mention of HA in one of our big and countrywide TV broadcasters, that’s the first step.