Thermex Extractor Hood Integration

I have a Thermex Extractor Hood, which integrates with Google Assistant as well as there is an App for controlling both the hood and the lights separately.
I would like a HA scene to turn off the Extractor hood but there is no way to trigger a google command.
Does anyone have an idea?
(I could of course HACK the remote control or let Alexa speak to Google Assistant but … naahhh)

I have the same Thermex, have you had success in HA integration?.

Sorry for the late reply. I dod not receive an alert.
Anyway I did not succeed. It worked for a short while but Google API seems to require new credentials all the time.
I have a contact in Thermex but no experience in creating HA integrations to their API - can you maybe assist in that?

I have a Thermex water heater and I find out that it uses Tuya. So with the help of YouTube and local tuya integration, I can control my water heater with HA.

Have you ever gotten any further with the project?
If you have access to the API documentation, i would be happy to give it a go

Sorry no API documentation. :weary: