Thermomix TM6 possible support?

Is there any way to connect Vorwerk Thermomix TM6?

It is possible to control Vorwerk vacuums via custom integration:
via standard integration Neato:

so maybe someone can also add suport for Thermomix?

I am interested in connecting the Thermomix TM6 as well. Even if it to start and monito the machine remotely from Home Assistant. And then build the rest later. Would be great.


I’m curious what kind of integration would you need and what entities would you like to operate on?
Thermomix is really a simple kitchen device, with a list of predefined steps to perform cooking.
The only entity worth tracking would be the current status: simple cooking… veroma cooking… mixing… shaking… milling… etc. But it may be trackable on the display of the device.
I don’t suspect you want to cook … remotely :crazy_face:


There are lots of things that can be automated with Thermomix and linked to other devices in the home.

For example, I am able to see the status and time remaining on my two ovens - seeing Thermomix too would be useful if I am not in the kitchen or while entertaining guests.

Or you could link with an extractor fan to switch on when the Thermomix is higher than 70C to reduce condensation.

You might say that someone doesn’t want to cook remotely, however, I have a camera in my oven and I could ‘start’ the Thermomix once the food is cooked to a certain amount (i.e. to use varoma for steaming vegetables). Even better would be to start the Thermomix once the oven gets to X minutes remaining!


p.s. I have TM5 with the Cook-key…just to complicate things

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something ist the meal list of the Cookidoo app for your smart mirror.
The grocery list with the combination of your inventory and with your „ideas list“ you do a „Do you want to eat that today?“
With a little coding there would be potential the possibility to check your last ideas and cookings to get a healthier concepts.


track power usage and energy consumption


Something useful and simple would be status to begin with to determine if I’m cooking in the kitchen.

More interesting features would come from tracking guided recipes, as it could for example be used to automatically set the temperature of the oven when it asks for preheating it assuming that can be accessed from the tm6.

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I´m also interested into this. Acknowledge of Readiness Notification would be also cool. I live in a house with 2 floors, basement and attic. It would be very useful to acknowledge the notification when I´m working in the attic.
It would be also cool leaving the last step of the cooking process to be activated when we are close to get home.
And I liked the idea from someone in the list to suggest something healthy to cook when you are at home. You could even have an AI running behind, taking your preferences from previous cook, season of the year and suggesting the recipes, telling you the ingredients and the right time for you to start cooking.
With just some imagination there is a lot that can be done.

It would cool being able to read energy consumption. Also being notified about the completion of a task would be nice.

Hi, this you could easily do with a Smart Plug that can measure current and power.

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this would be another device to buy and maintain and would look ugly in the kitchen (yea she will moan). It would be good if we could have a simple integration that can draw energy usage data from thermomix usage into HA.

here new Infos: ioBroker und Thermomix ?

Has anyone figured out how to integrate tm6 with homeassistant?

Keep in mind that TM6 does not seem to report the cooking status, nor on the app or the website. I doubt there’s anything that can be automated. I did send an email to vorwerk to request seing the cooking status on the app I may be in the garden cooking a rice recipe which has variable time, and I want to know when it’s finished. Maybe if more people request it they may consider it and not keep it only in new devices