Thermostat and shutter problem

Hello, I have 2 questions:

  1. Topic thermostat:

You can change the valve position via the dashboard (0 to 99 or 100)

But are they automatically controlled again after some time? ( according to temperature)

or how is that ? are they now set to 0 by default?
How does it work with changing valve control and temperature?

  1. Window roller blind:

When I close the shutter and stop the shutter closing (although the shutter is not closed), I cannot press the shutter down button again, only the shutter open button. is this a bug ? Down should not be gray, because it was not finished yet you might want to continue after all

Thank you!

The behavior is going to be defined by the hardware device you’re using and by the integration you’ve used to connect it to home assistant. You haven’t provided information about either one.

No. You set temp and it stays.
Your thermostat may have its own settings for away/vacation/schedule and such. This may cause temp to be changed.

The initial setting is the current set values of the device. The thermostat is independent of HA. Any changes or settings from HA must be done by user using ui or automation

are you repling for the question 1 or 2 ?

if you look carefully, you can force the valve to open completely by setting the GUI number to 100.
I understood that if I set it to 100, the temperature will no longer be regulated because the valve will always be open.

What are you controlling?

With thermostat you set temp and when temp drop/raise below/above some value a SWITCH is open/closed depending on heating or cooling. In your case I presume it is a valve instead of a switch that will open/close. This does not sound like what you expect so more detail of your device is needed for understanding.

I think the 60 is showing postion based on sensor only and is not controllable but you can confirm. Not sure how your device work. Need info