Thermostat automation with scheduling and adjustable hysteresis

I’ve got a Honeywell T9 thermostat connected via HomeKit to HA, it works great and I can control it perfectly using time triggers. The problem I’m facing is that the built-in hysteresis in the T9 is way too tight (<=1 degree) for my climate so it’s constantly cycling on/off when I would prefer longer cycles.

The best option I can come up with is to basically create my own thermostat logic, where when the temperature hits 78 degrees, I will then turn on the cooling until it hits 76 degrees, after which it should turn off. I would also like to set these top “set points” on a schedule so that I can, for example, cool off to 71 degrees when the thermostat hits 73.

The issues I’m dealing with is how to handle manual override controls, for instance when I want to set the thermostat to cool to 75 when it hits a 77 degree set point, etc. I would also like to incorporate my humidity sensor (so that the system turns on when it hits 75% humidity and turns off when it’s 70%, irrespective of the temperature controls). Additionally I’d like to adjust the hysteresis (so that it’s tighter when I’m sleeping but looser when I’m away from home). I’m sure that there are other considerations (what if HA is disabled, how can I “fallback?”) that I am overlooking that would be required or nice to incorporate.

I’m sure that this has all been created already, but I’m not sure if I need a series of automations, a “blueprint”, or a more sophisticated plugin like Schedy or an existing thermostat for this use case. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, thanks!