Thermostat card does not display correct heat set point

My issue is my thermostats which are connected through Vera, do not display the correct heat set temperature when the thermostat is in heating mode. Initially they will display the correct temperature but after some time they will display the cool set point until someone adjusts the heating set point at which time they will temporarily display the heat set point but then revert to displaying the cool set point. As you can see from the screen shot ALTUI can properly see the set points and so can my vera. The correct set points are available but for some reason the thermostat card reverts to displaying the cool set point after a seemingly random amount of time.

Any ideas?

Any takers? Am I posting in the right spot?

It’s the right spot. The lack of responses could be due to several reasons including few users of the Vera integration have a thermostat, or there are few users of the Vera integration, or none have this problem.

I fall into the “don’t use Vera/never experienced this problem with my thermostat” so, unfortunately, I can’t offer any guidance on the matter.

If you believe it’s a bug in the Vera integration, you can report it as an Issue in Home Assistant’s GitHub Core repository. Good luck!

Hi and thanks for the reply. I figured out what the issue is but I dont know who would/could/should address this. When vera has one of its frequent luup restart the heat set point changes and displays the cool setpoint (when in heating mode). It will once again display the correct heat set point after someone adjusts the thermostat, either up or down. It will display correctly until the vera has another reload or restart. To fix this, I have ALTUI reactor watch for a reload/restart and then determine if the furnace is heating or idle and simply adjust the setpoint up one degree and back (activly heating) or down one degree and back (if its idle) . While this little hack works just fine, there must be a better way to do this.

Is this a bug? Should I submit a bug report? The only reason I think it might be a bug is because if I look at the temp setting in Vera or in ALTUI on openluup I can see the correct information but in HA its as described above.

I would characterize that behavior as a bug. You should report it.