Thermostat Card help


Ive installed the Tado service and I can see the entities that I can display.

Id like to display this card on my dashboard just as it shows in my screenshot below. If I click “Add to dashboard” it tries to add the full thermostat card which isn’t want I want.

Id like to display a card on my dashboard thats exactly the same as the card is showing in the service page in my screenshot.

I know its possible as I’ve seen other dashboards doing the same, I just can’t work out how its been done?

Is it an existing card or is it custom YAML? Can someone help here?

It looks like the Mushroom thermostat/climate card.

You can install that via HACS.

It can’t be because as you can see from my screenshot its already showing on the Tado service page

I want to add it to my dashboard just as its shown in my screenshot on the Tado Service page.

I have the Mushroom cards installed but as you can see when I select the mushroom climate card the data in my first screenshot on the right of the sensor isn’t being shown on the Mushroom climate card and I can’t see a way to add it.

Anyone help here…?