Thermostat Card Issue w/ISY994i Thermostats

I’ve searched the forums and can’t seem to find this particular issue.

I have a brand new installation of Home Assistant and installed the Universal Devices ISY994 integration. I then added my three thermostats to a view and noticed that the current temperature is correct, but the target temperature is exactly double what it should be (see below). The same thermostats in the ISY manager look just fine (see below).

Any suggestions for resolving this issue?

ISY994i firmware: Insteon_UD994 v.4.8.0
Home Assistant: 0.116.4
Thermostats: Venstar T1800 w/INSTEON Thermostat Adapter v.95

For anyone interested, I fixed this problem by modifying the file for the isy994 component.

File location


Open the file with vi and search for

def target_temperature(self) -> Optional[float]:

Move down three lines and change from:

return self.target_temperature_high


return self.target_temperature_high/2

This thread was helpful in finding a “solution”.