Thermostat card not working after update

Guys, I updated first time in a few months and now have issues with thermostat card. It shows unavailable even it though config looks ok and entities are there. This applies BOTH to ecobee and z-wave baseboard thermostats. Any idea what I could try?

Find in Developer tools -> States your climate.main_floor and check if it has reasonable data inside.
If yes - it’s UI bug, if not - something in backend…

The sensors from the thermostats are giving correct data, however the actual thermostat is showing is unavailable.

I see. Are the hum/temp sensors part of your thermostats?
And why is the last thermostat (with _mode suffix) available - what’s the difference?

The humid/temp comes from the ecobee which is the same device as climate_main_floor. I think the _mode ones change the thermostats to ECO mode, but do not control the actual thermostat temps.

All of this used to work fine before I updated hassio. Thanks for trying to help!

I am in the same boat, new code broke something with Ecobee.

I have the same problem. Is this being looked at?

This turned out to be my ecobee thermostat. It had lost it’s wifi connection. All is working now.