Thermostat Card Oddness

The thermostat card shows two numbers under the temperature dial - target temp and actual temp. The target temp is the larger number in the middle and the actual temp is the small number below it. This, IMO, is the opposite of the way it should be. The larger number should be the actual temperature. My physical thermostat agrees with me.

So, going from my actual thermostat to HA can get a little disorienting.

Is there a setting that would allow me to swap these two numbers? Or if, not, could an option be added to the card to swap them?

In case it matters, my thermostat is a Lennox S30.


I am certain this has been discussed quite a bit on this forum. I think that the January (24.1) release is planning to provide some options for this card.

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You are very late to the party, if you search the forum you will find many posts regarding this.

The option will be included in January’s release.

Thanks guys. My apologies for not finding the topic before I posted.

You can try the custom “better thermostat card” or wait till the first Wednesday of January.