Thermostat Card smaller temperature increments


I am using the Thermostat card in the latest home assistant version to control my nest.

My temperature is set in Celcius & I can’t seem to be able to set the temperature using 0.5 increments (like the nest app does).

Am I missing something ? Or can this be added as a feature ?

I can imagine that for people using Fahrenheit, this is a non issue.


I have also noticed that the climate controls in home assistant for the generic thermostat are in 0.5 increments but I can ask Google to change by 0.1.

I also can’t work out what the precision tag does in the config for the generic thermostat. The default value is 0.5 but it doesn’t change anything if I put 0.1 in this tag.


Did you setup a generic thermostat based on the nest thermostat or were you able to set the precision of the nest thermostat to 0.5 ? Because i didn’t setup any precision and mine seems to have a precision of 1.


I am not using nest. I am just using generic thermostat where you define any temp sensor to control any switch.


Same issue here.
Regardless of precision tag settings, the increment/decrement value is always 0.5°C (or 1°F).
It sounds like a bug