Thermostat changes heating mode from Temperature Sensor

Hello guys,

I currently have a problem and to be honest I don’t really know if it’s a problem with HomeAssistant or my Tuya TRV, but every time I change the set temperature on the thermostat it will

  1. Change the set temperature back to exactly 19’C
  2. Change into heating mode

And yes it does actively heat no matter if the room temperature is below or above 19’C.
The result is that I see a thermostat panel with e.g measured temperature 23’C, set temperature 19’C and vac mode ‘heating - manual’. like this:

If I look in the logbook history of the thermostat I see:
“Changed to Heating, triggered by ‘Temperature Sensor Bedroom’”

The ‘Temperature Sensor Bedroom’ is, as the name suggests, a SONOFF temperature sensor that is in the bed room, but I can’t wrap my head around how a temperature sensor can even change the thermostat in such a direct way? Isn’t it a passive device? I see no interface or any service regarding the temperature sensor.

Also I checked the ‘relations’ tab and the thermostat is only related to automations that trigger if I leave my home, nothing related to the temperature sensor.

I have used the integration “Better Thermostat” for a while in the living room for another thermostat which works really well (almost the same model) but if I tried using that integration in the bed room it will not work. My theory is that there are relict settings or data from “Better Thermostat” (which indeed used the external temperature sensor) that even after removing the integration are still active, but I have no idea how I could fix this (yes restarted already).

Some info about my setup:

  • Home Assistant 2023.1.5 (Docker)
  • All mentioned devices integrated via the MQTT integration and MQTT itself is connected to a MQTT docker container and the container is itself connected to ZigBee via zigbee2mqtt (also docker container).
  • ZigBee dongle is also from SONOFF and passed through the zigbee2mqtt container
  • TRV is from Tuya model: TS0601