Thermostat current_temperature - override attribute from air sensor to floor sensor

I have a z-wave thermostat connected via Zwave UI, which supports 3 types of temperature readings: air temp, external floor sensor and both combined.
I’ve set the thermostat to use the floor sensor as heating reference, and everything works as expected.

climate.device attribute current_temperature is based on sensor.device_air_temp instead of sensor.device_floor_temp.

Is there a way to override the device attribute to use floor sensor instead of air sensor?
Or, maybe do some changes in Zwave UI?

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I have the same basic issue, just with a Namron Zigbee thermostat. The temperature displayed on the card is the current_temperature attribute, which in return is the same as sensor.device_local_temperature, but the thermostat itself is set to display and use sensor.device_outdoor_temperature. The thermostat is physically in the next room, so it currently makes no sense. I will keep googling for a solution. I have 5 more to connect :slight_smile:

Samme issue here, Namron Zigbee Thermostats report air, not floor temperature. Anyone found a fix?

Same here,zigbee Zha only shows room temp, and can not be changed too floor. Anyone found out how too change attribute System mode? I won’t to make an automation to change from Occupied to unoccupied. As Zigbee uses this as Away mode.

Same here.