Thermostat Euronics does not turn off

We have installed thermostats. First one which we have installed is working fine (small issues are here, but it’s for another topic).
Another two thermostats (same producer, same type: Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee) are not turning off.
I mean when I click in thermostat card in lovelace “turn off” button, Lovelace card shows sensor is off, but the thermostat keeps heating.
image IMG_20210121_102141
When I change target temperature with the same tool, temperature is changed instantly. (it means it’s connected properly)
As mentioned before, another thermostat is working, cards are the same, the only difference is entity name.

There is nor warning nor error in log file.

After some search I found difference in Phoscon.
working thermostat:

problematic thermostat:

third one: also not turning off:

This might but might not be the cause for the problem.

Anyway, does anybody have the same issue and could give an advice how to solve the problem? Thank you!