Thermostat is only detected as a device without function and sensor via ZHA

I bought the following thermostats because they were said to be compatible with Home Assistant.

MIUCDA Heizkörperthermostat Zigbee Smart Heizung Thermostat, Energiesparen, Programmierbarem, Heizungsthermostat Kompatibel Alexa, Google Home, Home Assistant, Tuya

The devices are good in themselves but when I want to integrate them, they are only recognized as a device without type/class and without functions and sensors.

Is there anything I can do?

I can still return them, but would like to get them working.

If it doesn’t work with ZHA → you may wanna try Zigbee2MQTT → it covers much more devices.

changing to MQTT is at the moment not possible.

Is there a way to see if the device is incompatibel with ZHA?

If you have the actual model number, you can check here to see if it’s really compatible with ZHA.

You can also check | Zigbee2MQTT to confirm whether this is already supported in Z2MQTT. If you don’t want to switch, then I suggest learning how to set up quirks in ZHA - there’s plenty of resources online to help with that.

Thanks, I will check both ways. Do you know how to get the model number?