Thermostat not compatible with multi-zone system

I have a multi-zone heating system that I would like to replace with something ZigBee compatible. I have seen the Zen 01 supports my requirements, it’s not compatible with multi-zone systems, but I don’t want a multi-zone system anyway.

At the moment then I have 2 thermostats, what would happen if I replaced one with a Zen unit? I am unsure if it’s a simple case of swapping out one of the thermostats; and have both zones activate when switching the Zen unit on, or is it more complicated than that, perhaps requiring the boiler to be reprogrammed?

What has this to do with home assistant?

Are you a mod? Apologies @nickrout I replied emotionally there! :man_facepalming:

No, but I do have an interest, in common with the whole forum, in keeping things on topic. Your post may be on topic, but you haven’t been convincing that it is :slight_smile:

The whole forum? This is not the impression I got from helpful answers I received regarding bulbs, which was not entirely home assistant related either. I would think another new member to this community may benefit from a helpful answer to this question, even if it has gone a touch off piste.

It’s related because perhaps someone else has gone through this before and would be willing to share their experience.

If you just replaced one thermostat, that one zone would be accessible from HA or whatever Zen talks to.

If you want both zones to be controlled by that one thermostat, a simple wiring change at the zone controller or boiler would be necessary. Nick is right that this probably isn’t the best place to ask that, but we’d need to know more about the zone controller to answer that anyway.

And wherever you ask, expect to have people question why you’d want to go from two zones to one. Why not just get two smart thermostats? I have three, and I wish one had been set up as two separate zones, for a total of four.

Excellent! I didn’t know, so thanks for confirming that.

Thanks again, this reply is really helpful. It was because the box said it wasn’t compatible with a multi-zone system, add to that my somewhat lack of understanding, I took that literally and thought it wouldn’t be suitable.

Again, of course I know heating isn’t strictly home assistant, so I really do appreciate all the replies.