Thermostat only for Home Assistant

Hi everyone,
I am collaborating with GFPLab of Rimini which deals with automation for hotels.
Looking at their thermostat it occurred to me to ask GFPLab if it could also be made for domestic use.
The final costs will depend on the components and various containers.
It will aim to integrate into home assistants without having a proprietary app
For my tastes it is the best aesthetically.

Display: 4.3” graphical display (mirror effect)
Capacitive multi-touch
RGB backlight
Installation: Wall-mount (over 503 boxes)
Power: 230VAC (max 12W)
I/O: 12Vdc/300mA output (electric lock)
2 relay outputs
3 on/off inputs (clean contact)
1 external temperature sensor
Communication: RS485 / WiFi / Bluetooth

Do you think it will be valid?

That’s a handsome thermostat, no doubt! I would entertain one of those, but would want to choose if I wanted a local protocol like Z-Wave or Zigbee versus potentially giving info to them over a WiFi/Internet. The price would have to line up with the Nest and Honeywell price points to be useful - maybe a small premium if it was ESPHome based or something very Home Assistant centric.

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Thank you,
I take note of your advice

So if you do this and I hit the left-hand buttons, can you arrange for a maid to come clean or to have my dinner delivered? If so then you’ve got your first sale! :grimacing:

currently it is like this and it is developed for hotels.
in reality it is anything, with relays and inputs on board. therefore it could self-configure/see itself also on home assistant by publishing on MQTT

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