Thermostat Polling

Version: core-2021.2.3

Z-Wave JS to MQTT
Driver Version: 6.2.0
Server Version: 1.0.0-beta.6

Thermostat: CT100 (RTC)

I recently attempted to switch over to Z-Wave JS, but had issues. So, I completely started over fresh.

I have my devices setup. But, status rarely updates in HA. For instance, if I change the temp in the thermostat I can see it change in HA and on the actual thermostat. But after a few seconds HA will change the setting back. So, the thermostat is getting the right setting, but HA does not update with the new setting.

If I restart HA, it will show the right settings after it restarts.

It seems that Z-Wave JS is not pulling the status after.

I have also noticed this happening randomly with other devices, but with the thermostat it’s persistent.

Anyone have any suggestions??

Nine months later and I am still having this issue. Please help!

Go to Zwavejs2mqtt main control panel
Setup → General → New item
Device: You device
Value: setpoint
Poll, poll interval - as you wish. Better, not less, then 120 sec.

And check, what happened in Lovelace.
If nothing - check debug output in Z2T debug window, are setpoint updated, or not?

Thank you so much. This worked like a charm.