Thermostat problem

Hello i am using thermostat generic with the following configuration . i am using broadlink to send the ir commands to my air condition

platform: generic_thermostat
name: Summer
heater: climate.living_room
target_sensor: sensor.wi_fi_universal_remote_temperature
min_temp: 25
max_temp: 27
ac_mode: true
target_temp: 26
cold_tolerance: 0
hot_tolerance: 0.3
seconds: 1
minutes: 5
initial_hvac_mode: “off”
away_temp: 29
when i am using it the thermostat stops at 24 not on the 25 as the min temp and if i am change it the keep alive to 60 minutes doesnt not trigger to stop the ac . for me the 5 minutes is pain in the ass because as i am sleeping i here the beep beep from the alive .
Could some help me how to set it up correctly . if i need some other configuration to be sharp on my temps ? thank you .

According to the documentation for Generic Thermostat, the entity for the heater option must be a “toggle device”. That means a device whose state simply toggles between on and off.

You have supplied it with climate.living_room. A climate entity has more than just two states. That means it can report something other than on or off which will be invalid states for the Generic Thermostat.

The Generic Thermostat integration is designed to create a climate entity out of two other entities: typically a switch and a temperature sensor. Can you explain why you are using this integration when you already have a climate entity (climate.living_room)?

Thank you for your answer I have the climate as an entity Id to switch on and off ac through smart ir