Thermostat recommendations for hot water heat and central AC for cooling

Thermostat recommendations

So I stumbled on this , Home Assistant, when I was looking for a system to monitor my electrical utility service, and it got me thinking… How to I control the HVAC systems as well… And a bunch of other stuff…

So for the HVAC, I have 2 zones, up stairs and downstairs. Downstairs is just heat only, hot water baseboard. And upstairs is Heat/Cool with hot water baseboard and central air-conditioning. The AC was a retrofit some years ago, which is why it is just cooling.
Current thermostats are 7 day programable, but I would like to change them over to Wi-Fi and be compatible with Home Assistant. What am i looking at to make this happen? I am in the USA if that makes a difference.


You call this 2 zones. Does that mean you have 2 units, each with its own thermostat? If so, this is probably easy to swap your thermostats. Or is it one unit, with a zoning controller and the thermostats connect to that? If so, this could be proprietary and more involved.

If you have 2 units, each with its own thermostat, I suggest looking at the ecobee thermostats. Check out this support article to help you determine if your units are compatible:

It is a bit of a mutt.

The baseboard heating is from one boiler with two zone valves. I believe they are a simple 2 wire contact. It the thermostat wants heat, it connects the two wires and a valve opens and a circulator pump turns on. The upstairs zone also has cooling, but I also believe the cooling portion is similar, when it wants cooling it just closes a relay and the air handler starts up.

I’ll take a look at the Ecobee units…

I also have a multi zone hot water system. Did you get a solution to manage with Home Assistant?