Thermostat Setup

Can anyone help me with setting up the thermostat?

- name: “Temperatura”
temperature_address: “2/4/20”
setpoint_shift_address: “2/4/21”
setpoint_shift_state_address: “2/4/20”
target_temperature_state_address: “2/4/10”
operation_mode_address: “2/4/31”
operation_mode_state_address: “2/4/30”
min_temp: 10.0
max_temp: 25.0

My ets:

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This is my ets configuration:
thermostat MTN6241 schneider electric

I have no idea how to compile the file .yaml

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    - name: "Temperatura"
      on_off_address: ?
      target_temperature_address: ?
      operation_mode_address: ?
      min_temp: 15
      max_temp: 25.0
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I guess
temperature_address: 2/4/10
you don’t seem to need setpoint_shift_* and on_off_address
and you seem to have no GA for operation_mode_state_address - I’d try to connect it to 57

Thanks for replay, it still doesn’t work, it seems that the detected and set temperatures are the same. I added 57

Immagine 2022-11-29 214850

    - name: "Temperatura"
      temperature_address: "4/4/10" 
      setpoint_shift_address: "4/4/21" 
      setpoint_shift_state_address: "4/4/20"
      target_temperature_address: "4/4/21"
      target_temperature_state_address: "4/4/10" 
      operation_mode_address: "4/4/22"  
      min_temp: 15
      max_temp: 25.0

This isn’t surprising since you configured them to the same GA

temperature_address: "4/4/10" 
target_temperature_state_address: "4/4/10"

Fix this and remove the 2 setpoint_shift addrsses. You don’t need these.

Is not possible remove setpoint_shift_address.

It is. Remove both, not just one.

Yes, many thanks now work. I’m happy

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