Thermostat that accepts current temp

I would like to have a thermostat (heat/cool) that can be mounted on the wall. The kicker is that I need to be able to feed it the current temperature. At night, I want the current temperature to be the average of the bedroom temperatures, then during the day it is the temperature in the living room.

I currently have this setup using HA generic thermostats, one for heating and one for cooling. I don’t like having to have separate ones, and I would also like to have local controls.

I’ve toyed with making an MQTT thermostat which should be easy enough, but I suck at making things look good and don’t have a 3D printer for a custom case.

So, any thermostats out there that I can tell it what the current temperature is? Thanks.

I’m not aware of any. I believe the ecobee thermostat have a function where they can connect to multiple thermostats and use an average temperature, but I don’t know if this is something you can override…

backing up the above: