Thermostat values problem

Hello everybody,
I’m new to this forum, I apologize if I made a mistake in creating the request.
I need your help!!

today i bought my raspberry pi4 and configured my devices that were present on smart home through tuya platform ( in home assistant.

I have a problem with my thermostat, it does not report the degrees correctly with respect to the smart home and the physically present display.

I am attaching a bit of screen, sorry for my ignorance.
I don’t know how to program and I’m proceeding by watching tutorials on youtube

current screen on home assistant:
Schermata 2022-09-15 alle 23.34.20

smart home screen:

as a final goal I would like:

that the degrees (where there is now 6 in the home assistant screen) were the same as those of the smart home and as you move the circle the degrees would rise correctly
I would ?like to make that “1” disappear
have only the on and off button at the bottom (remove the arrows)

I add some information as I scroll through the circle the degrees are completely wrong on home assistant
someone can help me in a simple way, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience