Thermostat w/ External Sensors

Does anyone have a thermostat that they recommend that is able to be fed an external sensor to it for it to use as it’s temperature reading? I have temp sensors around the house that I have averaged out with a group helper, and want to feed it that temperature, instead of the on board temperature sensor.

As far as I know Shelly is the only one that you can do that with.
But I believe the sensor needs to be Shelly too.

However you can add a generic thermostat that controls the thermostat.
This way you can get what you want, external temperature controlled.

The only issue is that the real thermostat will not show correct values so you need to go to HA to see the real values

Edit, the Shelly thermostat I was referring to is actually a TRV

I use Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1. It supports external Aqara temperature sensor. The first time you need Aqara app to set the sensor. After you can use w/o app.