Thermostate card

Hi. I want to use card thermostate. To use it I have to have an ecobee or I can use a temperature sensor and activate a personal switch


You need a climate component, just like it says in the documentation.

EDIT, this climate component should work how you want though:

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Thanks for the help. Visually there is no similar generic card? I use lovelace

I don’t understand what you are asking. Set up a generic thermostat, and then link it to the thermostat card.

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I have a heat pump that is controlled with infra-red commands from my Broadlink RM3. I would love to have a ‘template’ version of that card. I know not a ‘thermostat’ exactly, but my heat pump has the same functionality, cooling, heating, fan, and de-humidification, and the ability to set the temperature. Its temperature sensor just isn’t readable. I think it would just make it a bit nicer to control the device, rather than the input_boolean and input_select entities that I currently use.

This is a bit off topic, but I think that most-of-a-circle control would be great to use as the volume control for a media player. Google home already uses that type of thing for volume, and it’s very intuitive. Better than a straight slider, IMHO.

Sorry, i do not speak english. At this moment I have this implemented but in home assistant.

Now I am using lovelace and I wanted to use the thermostate card to have another appearance.


@nickrout Is giving you the correct path but you aren’t following his advice. You have to implement the generic thermostat component using your existing switches. Then use the generic thermostat inside the thermostat card for lovelace.

Sorry, I try to understand English.
This is what I have to configure.


  • platform: generic_thermostat
    name: example
    target_sensor: sensor.temperature


  • id: 2 # Automatically created id
    icon: mdi:home-assistant
    title: Acuario
    • type: thermostat
      entity: climate.example

this is error

d076e229b8879acac643.chunk.js:1687 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined
at HTMLElement.render (d076e229b8879acac643.chunk.js:1687)
at HTMLElement.update (3e575dd343403f6b19ec.chunk.js:61)
at HTMLElement._validate (3e575dd343403f6b19ec.chunk.js:37)
at HTMLElement._invalidate (3e575dd343403f6b19ec.chunk.js:37)

From the page I already pointed to you, a heater: element is required in the generic thermostat component


(string)(Required) entity_id for heater switch, must be a toggle device. Becomes air conditioning switch when ac_mode is set to true .

Perfect. I can.
Thanks very much