Thermostatic valve for radiators


I’m looking for thermostatic valves for radiator that integrates well with HA.
My heating installation is for now not smart nor connected : a central gas heater, a programmable thermostat in the living room and thermostatic valves on all (5) radiators.

This is fine except for the bathroom and the office : I don’t want to heat these rooms all the time. I want to heat the bathroom early in the morning, but not the whole evening,…

I’ve seen many “smarter” and even connected thermostatic valvess, and I would like to get one of these for my radiators.

Which one would you recommand? As I don’t have any other smart appliance in my home, I do not need support for a specific protocol or platform, but if some valves support generic protocols (z-wave, zigbee,…), it would be a plus.
I’ve heard about EQ-3 valves, which are quite cheap, but with proprietary protocol.

Any suggestions (available in Europe/Belgium) ?


There are quite a few threads on this subject already. Use the sesrch function, trv is your search term.