Thermostats for radiators

Hi All,

Do any of you have experience with HA and well functioning radiator thermostats for use in Denmark ?

We currently have Danfoss thermostats on all radiators (water heated), but would like to migrate to some sort of smart control. My HA setup currently has wifi and Zigbee (through IKEA hub) enabled.

What is your setup and connection to HA?

I’m using Netatmo thermostats, which integrates nicely with HA (also in Denmark). I use zigbee door sensors on all outside doors/windows, and HA automations which drops the setpoint of the thermostats in the room where a door/window has been opened to 7c, when the window is closed the setpoint is set to 21c and when all outside doors and windows are closed the whole system goes back to the schedule I’ve set up in Netatmos (web)app.

I’d like to change the setup so it just sets rooms where windows are open to the “Frost guard” schedule, but I can’t set different schedules for individual rooms, so that’s why I’m running the setup above (I don’t know if it’s a limitation in the Netatmo component or in Netatmos app).

Netatmo doesn’t have adaptors for some of Danfoss’ valves for floor heating, but I think I have a setup of adaptors that could work, I just need to extend the part that pushes the valve pin.

Thanks for the answer. What kind of hub are you using for zigbee ?

I’m using a HUSBZB-1 with a Raspberry Pi running hassio, and the door sensors are Xiaomi Aqara.


I also live in Denmark, and I’m using Devolo thermostats for my Danfoss radiators. They are Zwave though. As I have understood it is Danfoss HW flashed with Devolo SW which supports readout of the current temperature. I bought mine on, they are priced around 30 €.

I also have window sensors on most doors and windows, and the target temperature is lowered to 5 degrees in a room if a open window is detected. Furthermore, the temperature is also lowered if I have been away for more than 20 minutes or at night. Whenever I get home, the thermostats are set to comfort temperature and again in the morning. The morning and night times are individual for each room.