Thinking Big


Updated billing info, ready to roll

Well done Devs


This would be nice please.


While I appreciate all the efforts of developers and supporters of HA, I’m wondering if you had considered the cost of the subscription in other currencies which might be a barrier elsewhere other than the USA, where a lot of stuff is much cheaper than elsewhere in the world. Converting $USD to other currencies might just be out of reach. Maybe it should be more like the cost of a phone app?

I also second calls for the use of PayPal for the subscription.


You really don’t need a big processor. Have a look at pocket sphinx.

I have run it on a single processor ARM machine with acceptable results. Even better, that machine (the Chip Pro) was only marginally larger than a postage stamp.


Looking forward to better Z-Wave support. I’d love to see functionality that will allow you to control Z-wave locks, such as creating temporary guest codes that expire after X uses or a date range.


I also will gladly subscribe when PayPal is initiated


Great to see this is being taken positively and people being concerned with the future of HA and its continued development.

More thoughts and comments here for those interested


I recall way back in a previous post about the subscription that there was going to be an annual option. Is that still in the works, or is it not going to happen?
A small discount for an annual plan is a nice bonus, but for me it’s about not having a squillion small charges every month (plus, presumably less processing fees?). Generally for me, no annual plan = no purchase/subscription, and I really don’t want that to be the case here.

Edit: Should have read the FAQ at
“Will there be an option for annual up-front billing for Home Assistant cloud?”
We are planning to add this in the future."


5$ per month? Not sure will work, make it 1$ or less and the overall revenue will be higher (then keeping it at 5). My guess …


Good approach! Keep up the great work, thanks!


$60 a year (Monthly)
$50 a year (Annually)
Would be the sensible obvious option. I imagine there would be a lot of takers. (and as you say, monthly processing fee’s are reduced)

I’m at this very moment tracking down and cancelling the drains on my bank account that are only £2 here, £3 there but add up to around £15 a month!

At $5 a month this puts it in the danger zone. If I can renew it for $50 once a year via PayPal it would disappear into the noise over the year and I wouldn’t need to explain to the wife when she looks through the accounts. Where as if I did have to explain to her that I’m paying it to connect the little computer in the corner to the internet so we can turn the lights on and off while we are on holiday then she will glaze over, get bored, and tell me to cancel it.

Think of it as a bonus to the WAF :smiley:


+1 for PayPal.
I’d love to give financial support to the project but I don’t have nor plan to get a credit card.


From the FAQ.
We are currently only accepting credit cards and in USD. We’re planning to extend support for payment methods and other currencies in the future.


Well 1.00 usd per month using paypal will leave 68 cent for the HA. I cant seecthat 5 usd is to high


Special ranks and badges are nothing but an attention grabber. And promotes preferred treatment. Simply opening up a donation area with option for PayPal or other would suffice.


sounds frightingly familiar :laughing:


Well you only have tklo pay for your internet cvonnection, nothing else


Love the initiative and happy to support the cause, $5 might be too much for some, might you consider tiers? $2-3 just for Alexa intergration would be perfect for me and it’s at that level when you just don’t need to worry…

I know most people might not need cloud connection after getting duckdns and https setup, but looking forward to further premium features


Oh well, 1,32 then … Anyway price is subjective. I would not pay 5, I am sure some will


Will this make my google skill stop working? Do I need to install it using the Developer Action portal to get around that?